Family Therapy
Sherry Jerimie LCSW-R, MS
NYS Licensed Psychotherapist & Certified Psychoanalyst                    
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Selfishness is so frequently at the core of family relationship problems. ~ Robert D. Hales

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.  - Anonymous

Family quarrels are bitter things. They don't go by any rules. They're not like aches or wounds; they're more like splits in the skin that won't heal because there's not enough material. - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Our most basic instinct is not for survival but for family. Most of us would give our own life for the survival of a family member, yet we lead our daily life too often as if we take our family for granted. - Paul Pearshall

The great advantage of living in a large family is that early lesson of life's essential unfairness. - Nancy Mitford