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Sherry Jerimie LCSW-R, MS
Family Therapy Retreat
Are you ready to reclaim your happiness and power with the complete support of Sherry, your dedicated, trained Therapist?

Family Therapy Retreat

Week long vacation / therapy services for the entire family. This retreat is organized on an individual basis and include individual and group sessions for all members.

Scheduling of sessions will be tailored to the family's needs which will be determined following an initial assessment process.  Full family, parents only, children only, parent child dyads and individual sessions will be conducted as deemed necessary.

Pricing – Based on size of group - From $7500

6 days/5 nights at DASH Villa with daily breakfast

Additional Meals, Tours, Spas, Massages, Car Rental...available at extra costs

Inquire about Sherry’s Caribbean Retreat on the island of Tobago: 

Individual Therapy Retreat 

6 days/5 nights, room and board: 

Couples Therapy Retreat  

8 days/7 nights, room and board: $6500

Family Therapy Retreat  

8 days/7 nights, room and board: $7500+

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